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dasAuto spray paint and touch-up pencil contain Glasurit acrylic varnish which ensures relaxed working and provides perfect coverage.


Easy Repair DiY car repair

Video tutorials for DIY Do-it-yourself car repair to save a lot of money and to preserve the value of the car.


Restore headlights

Save up to € 2,000.- repairing the headlights of your car yourself. dasAuto shows you how to do it!


Autopflege, Autoreinigung, Autoschampoo

Regular cleaning preserves the value of the car and a well-kept car increases driving pleasure.


Additives for car and motor

Each kilometre driven costs a tiny bit motor, generated by friction. By using additives wear is reduced.


Blade finder for your car

Useful finder for wiper blades and windscreen wipers in order to get the right wiper blades for your car. Simply enter the type of your car and the right wiper blades will be displayed.

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DasAuto Online Shop for spray paint and car repair For more than 30 years the company dasAuto has been a specialist for car spare parts and car paints and lacquers. The registered office is in Schladming, Austria. In close cooperation with technicians and manufacturers we developed the do-it-yourself paint repair method called Easy Repair. The idea behind is to perform repair work on car paint yourself – with little money and little time and without the need of previous knowledge. Because of the small filling amounts of high quality Glasurit paints in spray paints it became possible to achieve brilliant repair results – even without compressor and spry gun. All products needed like primer, filler, putty and paint are available in professional quality. Manufacturer like Glasurit, Spraymax, Kwasny, 3M, Tesa, Bosch and Liqui Moly complete our program. Extensive trials with professionals and customers helped to perfect the do-it-yourself method Easy Repair easy to understand and easy to carry out. We included all our experience and knowledge in the repair instructions and video tutorials in order to provide the best possible assistance. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or Email. The original method of repairing headlights developed by us has already been used by many drivers which saved them an expansive change of headlights in the workshop. Our latest innovation is the paint pipette. Have a look at our tips, take time to watch the video tutorials, use our tested products and the result will convince you!